Sabarot Fregola Sarda 400g

Sabarot Fregola Sarda 400g

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From the family of cereals, very similar to couscous, fregula is a type of pasta from the island of Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a pearl artisanal pasta made from rubbed coarse semonila wheat and water, dried, rolled then toasted to create golden tiny balls of crumbs with roasted nuttly flavor.

It has rich delicious earthy with a hint of nutty taste, another shape and size of pasta that is sure to win both the heart and the health.

Its way is being paved to the kitchen by leading chefs and home cooks around the globe.

It can be used in pasta dishes, soups, stews, side dish, or salads. It is also cooked as the rice pilaf and can make an excellent risotto as well. It makes a great fortifying company to many dishes.

How to Cook Fregola Sarda:

Bring water to a boil and cook like pasta for 15 minutes while progressively adding more water until al dente