Liguori Penne Rigate Whole Wheat Pasta 500g

Liguori Penne Rigate Whole Wheat Pasta 500g

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Made with one simple ingredient, whole grain durum wheat flour, Bio Whole Grain Penne is an excellent source of fiber. This pasta is ideal for anyone seeking to increase their intake of fiber and whole grains without sacrificing taste.

Liguori Whole Grain pasta is made with non-GMO ingredients. 


Penne is one of the most famous Italian pasta shapes and greatly loved across Italy. Penne, which means “pen” in Italian, is a tube-shape with angled ends, inspired by the quill of an old-style ink pen. Ridged penne are designed for meat, vegetable, cheese and oil or butter-based sauces. They are also perfect for baked dishes made with sauce and cheese. Liguori Whole Grain Penne cooks up perfectly “al dente” everytime, delivering the delicious taste and texture you expect in every bite.