De Cecco Mezza Zita No 17    500g

De Cecco Mezza Zita No 17 500g

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Mezza Zita is a delicious, smaller variation of the classic Zita.

In the south of Italy, the term "Zita" means the bride and as a matter of fact, this type of pasta is traditionally associated with weddings and is always served at wedding receptions.

Tradition has it that Mezza Zita (mezza means "half"), which is quite thick with a fairly rough texture, is broken by hand into uneven pieces, before being put in the saucepan to cook.

Mezza Zita can be used to prepare oven-baked recipes or plates of pasta served with dense, colourful sauces of meat or fish, with green leaf vegetables or vegetables, or strong Italian cheeses such as pecorino, provolone or caciocavallo.