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we do everything by hand. With proper care and with the typical grace of Turin.
It is a family tradition that has lasted for nearly a hundred years.

Every morning we greet our starter yeast.
We refresh it with new water and flour.
We work it with care, making it feel pampered, the centre of attention.
Because our starter yeast asks for attention, just like a living creature.

To make every “La Torinese” panettone and colomba cake, many things are needed.
First of all the starter yeast. Our starter yeast.
Then special flour to resist the slow processes required by the yeast.

3 different leavening processes, for a total of 52 hours of leavening.
When you want to do things right, there is no rush.

It all starts from the starter yeast, along with 30 hours of continuous refreshing in which the first leavening takes place. Then there is the first dough, which is left to rest it’s required time to develop the second leavening. At this point we add the characterizing ingredients of the panettone and colomba cake (for example chocolate or candied fruit) with which we create the second dough.

Now here is the third leavening.

And now it’s time to bake

Once baked, we hang the panettone and colomba cakes upside down and leave them 14 hours to cool naturally, certainly not in the fridge. This allows to keep their characteristic dome shape and lets the fragrances harmonize in a natural, warm embrace.

The difference is remarkable.
The fragrance can be immediately recognized, the intense aroma reminiscent of a baker’s oven;
visually, a bright yellow dough that evokes homemade cakes, rich and genuine;
upon tasting, with rare pleasure;
the digestibility is also noteworthy, thanks to the starter yeast containing precious lactic elements for the intestinal flora.

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