Liguori Orecchiette Pasta 500g

Liguori Orecchiette Pasta 500g

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Orecchiette originates in the sunny southern province of Puglia, Italy, where the weather is warm and the crops plentiful. This pasta’s round, concave shape led to its name, which means “little ears” in Italian. The ridged exterior and cup-like interior captures chunky sauces and scoops up small vegetables, making orecchiette perfect to serve with sautés—sautés that begin, of course, with extra virgin olive oil, of which Puglia is the largest producer of in Italy.


Let’s Hear It for Little Ears!

Like Italians themselves, every cut of pasta has a hometown in Italy, the place where it was invented and where its heart still belongs. That’s why certain cuts of pasta have traditional ways of being served—the recipes and the pasta cuts developed side by side, using the ingredients that grew best in that area.

Try tossing the “little ears” with chopped tomato and ricotta, or cooking the chewy pasta in the same water with broccoli or broccoli , then draining and dressing with garlic, anchovy and hot chili sautéed in olive oil. We love to pair orecchiette with peas, pancetta and ricotta; peas, pancetta and cream, so the little ears can scoop up the peas and small cubes of meat. Orecchiette also makes a nice soupy pasta when cooked in the same water with potatoes and a big handful of arugula, and garnished with garlic and chili in olive oil. When you yell “Dinner!” your family and friends will be all ears.