Castillo De Canena Spanish Extra Virgin OIlive Oil 500ml

Castillo De Canena Spanish Extra Virgin OIlive Oil 500ml

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In its ongoing pursuit of excellence, Castillo de Canena, a leader in the field of haute cuisine that produces some of the finest extra-virgin olive oils in the world, now launches its iconic limited edition First Day of Harvest . This product is anxiously awaited through out the year; it is a pioneer in its category and stands out among other high-quality oils for the care taken in its creation, its special aroma, flavor and quality.

To obtain these prized extra-virgin olive oils, Castillo de Canena works with precision agriculture. Using cutting-edge technology, the company can scientifically supervise the physiological situation of its olive trees in real time, and respond to their needs through out the seasons. Precision agriculture also permits the company to determine the exact day uponwhich to begin the harvest of each varietal, not a minute too late or too soon for optimal ripeness. 

 I feel truly proud to sponsor this new edition of First Day of Harvest by Castillo de Canena, a company with which I feel closely identified. Flamenco and extra virgin olive oil are important elements of our culture, prime examples of the Spanish cultural heritage that express some of what we are to people around the world,” the artist says.

 Sara Baras